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2 Tag Or B Tagged

Established June 1, 2006

Do you like to collect tags? Do you like to create tags? It's not just for taggers here..You can either tag for us or you can request tags from us! We will have offers coming straight to your mailbox to request with your name on them. If you want to be a tagger, We want you here to give us what you've got to offer! Nothing naughty here so all ages welcomed! Come on over here and give us a shot!

Want Tags? Tag Me


Angels In Hell

We are a psp list that will offer everything!!!
From g rated sends to EAC!!! No sex acts or bestiality tho.
We have been going strong for over 1 year now!
We will have games, music, contests, challenges,
MOTW, and more!!!! No required sends, but NO lurking!
All mail is allowed to be forwarded except the DNDs
and any stated otherwise
AOL, AIM, CS or WMConnect Only Please
Come, be part of the Angels In Hell

I am An Angel In Hell

*   A  Touch  of   Class   * 

 Tired of  looking  for a good, relaxed, fun and

"open"  PSP Variety List rated G to SAC?

Want to share with  caring  & friendly people??

If the answer is yes, then  A  Touch  of   Class  is for you!!

We share animations, tubes, fonts, music, art, recipes,

 tags, tag offers, jokes, pet corner,  graphics and a lot

of extras!!   We also offer games, & a great variety of

PSP Challenges.   Artistic nudity above the waist only.

 No Porn.  No Drama.  Must 18 to join and share at least

once a month - not much to ask.    Mail can be heavy.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Click this link to join

our well established and friendly list now!

I Want to Join A Touch of Class









Bee-Boppin' Tags
(Proud part of DK Lists)
Love tags? Like to snag or make them?
Love having good taggers to make them yours?
Don't like to wade through a dozen other things to dig the tags
out of your mail?
Bee-Boppin' Tags is just that......tags!
No psp goodies, no music, no jokes, no games...Just Tags!
Give us a might find a taggin' home!

I Want To Bee-Bop! 

::Bootys Designz::...
Come and join one of the BEST groups for Tag Offers!
Here you will find all designs come from me and are of the greatest quality.
All offers created by ME! This is a LOW volume mail group
Requests are always welcome
All Tags are G-Adult rated.
Please remember we are a Tag Offer Group Only!
Must be 18 years old or older to join
We are a Yahoo group!
To join please use the link below

I Wanna Join Bootys Designs


C&C Designz
Tag Offers
Header Set Offers
Designerz of the Greatest Quality.
Each has their own flare to their creation.
All offers created by us
We take Requests
G-Adult rated

Let Me See Your Stuff Sign Me Up











Friends Are Family
Established August 2008

Are you tired of looking for a list you can fit in like a family member?

Looking for new friends?

Do you love making new tags and creations 
while having tons of fun and meeting new friends at the same time ?
Then we are looking for you because

We have been friends for a long time and we are starting this list.
We are a Online list that loves to share the love of friendship,
not the love of DRAMA!!!!

We do have a mandatory  1 send a week .
 We will be sharing just about anything and everything!
This may include graphics, backgrounds, tubes, tags, 

psp tutorials, fonts, music, jokes

 The only thing you wont see here is PORN and DRAMA!
You must be 18 or older to join, As there will be some adult content!!










fingers of dezine
come join us and let your
  fingers walk through psp
we are a new list looking
for only serious pspers to
come play with us
this is a G ~ R rated list
there will be nudity but tasteful
enough challenges and
contests to keep you busy
no lerkers allowed
please click below to
join us today!



•¤•Grab A Tut•¤• 

PSP tutorials from PSP 7 through PSP 11.

Monday-Sunday 7 days a week

Norequired sends

G - AC rating
I want to Grab with the best!


Kimz Kreationz •

Are you lookin' for a NO Stress N Hassle FREE List ????
Are your looking for a list that has a little of everything ???
Come Check us out....We have one or two just for you !!!!!
Alphas, MOTW, Tubes, Music, Tutorials, Challenges, Tags,
Games & More !!!! Absolutely no drama or nudity allowed !!!!
Mail is Fowardable....Come join us !!
  • PSP Paradise • Tagz Tabernacle • X~Mas All Year
• Kountry Kottage • Teddy Bear Lovers Forever
• Cloud Nine Angelz • More to Come !!!!  

~~ I Wanna Join ~~









Pixies Playhouse  

Do you want to be on a list where they know you by name and not your screen name ?  Want to learn PSP or learn some new ideas to create tags ? 

 If your not into PSP and just want so share and snag some goodies or play some fun games then this is the place for you.  If any of this sounds like fun then come on in and join the Playhouse.   We are an  established list that has been around for 2 years and is rated G to R.  If you are 18 or over and have AOL or AIM mail then click the link and we will set you up.  At this time we also have a 2 send a week requirement, so if you feel that you can not share then this is not the place for you. 

Send Me A Disclaimer Please












Secret Tagger's Group 
 Come on in and join in the fun!! Each week we will be given a name of someone to spoil with tags, as we are spoiled by a secret someone else. Your secret tagger will be given your likes and dislikes, so everyone wins!
Click on the link below to join











 Sexy Tubes 
SAC to AC Tubes Only
Frontal & Lower Nudity
No required sends if all members share.
Open 7 days a week

Sign Me Up











Tag Expressions

We have a new group on Google Groups just for you to express yourself.

This is the perfect place to do as you please with few rules to follow.

If you want to show off what you make, whether you want to show off your tags, stats, wallpapers, screen savers, WHATEVER it may be..Maybe you need a place to hang out and meet new friends, maybe you need a place to vent or need a shoulder to cry on. This is the place to do it all, get it all.

~Sends will be G-AC~

You must be 18 to join!

Tag Expressions Joiner











Taggin and Snaggin Delitez
You are not just another screen name here.
You are among friends here. Come join in the fun.
All mail is forwardable. We share all psp things. Tags,tubes,
fonts,backgrounds,blings and more. We have challenges,scavenger hunt,tuts,programs,games,music requests
jokes,birthday/anniversary corner and MUCH MUCH MORE.
Can't tag, no problem, we have plenty of talented taggers.
Come relax with friends, no pressure here. G~R rated, so you must
be at least 18. There is a two send  a week requirement of all members. Love to send ? This is the place for you. We have no send limit. Mail may be heavy at times. And since our mail is
forwardable it's a great place for list leaders.
Welcome, see you soon.

I want to join Taggin and Snaggin Delitez

© Tagz Tabernacle ©
If ya Like Tagz....We have Tagz, Tagz and More Tagz !!!!!
We send Tagz for 48 hrs every other Week~End !!!
We do have a 10 Required Sendz Rule...But ya'll can fwd everythin' !!!
Next scheduled war is February 9th N February 23rd
You must be 18 or over to join, as we offer to Suggestive AC !!!
Join us now an get those Tagz !!!!
~~ I Wanna Join ~~







Looking to make good friends, have fun & share tons of PSP goodies?
If so then we invite you to come play with us in The Sandbox!
We are your one stop shop for all things PSP. You want tubes,tags,tuts.
masks,backs,contests,games? Well we got 'em! 2 sends a week requirement!
We are an open BCC list! G-R so you must be 18 to join
No XXX or porn is allowed. Those desiring to join must be looking to
have fun as only happy, smiling faces are allowed in The Sandbox!
So what are you waiting for? Come join us today!











Tube.Tube Wars 

Vicky's Themed Tube War
Are you an tube lover like me?
Once a month I host a themed war.
You will be notified each month as to that month's theme.
Then you decide if you want in that month or not.
I will be offering some challenges throughout the weekend.
So come on tube lovers let's get lots of new tubes!

I Wanna War












·· Pixel Doodles Tags ··
(We are formally TagIt4Me)
We are a Closed BCC specialty tag Group that
sends any kind of personal tag creations Mon thru Fri.
Ranging from G -SAC. No Child Porn or Bestiality of any kind!
This is a 2 Send Per Wk Share list, for taggers only.
If this sounds good to you then come and kick back and relax.
We'd love to have you join us and have some fun!
Must be 18 or older to join! At this time you must be from
AOL, CompuServe & WmConnect ONLY
I Want 2 Kick Back & Have Fun!










Want Tubes?
This is the place to be.
We are a new tubes lists
w/hassle & stress free worries.
Sit back & share tubes, no minimum
sends required, all mail is forwardable.
This is a G to R rated list with no lower
front nudity or beastiality.
Come join a family related atmosphere list.

DND- Please-Send-A-Disclaimer-For-Tubes-R-Us








Wicked Thoughtz N Sinz
Do you love PSP? Do you want tubes, accents, games, tags and more?
Then look no further. We offer a little bit of everything.
We have been going strong for over 2 years now!!!
You must be 21 to join and All of our mail is forwardable!!!
No Porn, Kiddie porn, or beastiality will be accepted.
We will have daily games, Sinner of the week, daily themes
And lots more fun things for everyone.
No required sends, but participation is appreciated.
We are always open to new suggestions too.
Sound like fun? Send for a disclaimer today!!!
I Want To Join






We are now an AOL tag list!!
Wickedly DLishus is a tag list offering tags of all types from G to AC rated.
Mail will consist of tag offers from approved taggers only! All
you have to do is kick back and collect. How easy is that?
Join us and indulge in WickedDzined tags!
We are accepting ANY ISPs!!!!!
We also offer occasionl Header Sets!
We are always accepting applications for taggers.
Please submit examples of your work.
Click Me!!! Click Me!!!