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List Leaders Resources


Why Chase away All the members you DO have by filling their mail boxes with Ads when you can simply send a Ad to EZADS and stick ONE little link into your update and or web site instead!!




Adz Trader's Advice Hotline

Do you ever have a question and don't know who to ask?
You ever wish you could get advice from more than 1 person?
Do you have group issues you would like to get advice on?
If you answered YES to any or all the above, We have what you are looking for!
We are a small group of List leaders that have issues, concerns,
or just want to see what others think about a certain situation at hand
and to help learn how to cope with it.
All topics deal with GROUPS, Things that happen in groups, And so on.
Your name is never displayed.
A topic is sent out on Monday and advice and comments begin going out on Wednesday
sent again on Friday. The ONLY mail sent comes from me.


Check Us Out



Bear Ads and Headers
Welcome to Bear Ads and Headers
Here you have the opportunity to be a Designer
by making header sets ,tag offers ,
and to send things thoughout the week
with Fellow Leaders on 3 certain days.
We also have are putting a Web page,so you can advertise your adds.
What More could you ask for??? You wont Go Wrong.
You Need Members??? We help you get them!!!!

Join our Community


BooTys SnagZ & GrabZ & ShareZ
Snag, grab and share all you want! for all your PSP and Scrapbooking needs
Plugins, Tubes, Masks, Brushes, Presets, Filters, Fonts for PSP to name but afew also including tips, tricks for PSP all versions
We are a easy, relaxing and friendly, no hassle kinda group with very few rules and always here to help.
I will also be sharing my own creations which you are also free to snag and grab
Also need headers for you list or simply need some new tags? but dont have the time to get creative then let BooTy do it!
2 Header Sets and 3 Tags Offerings sent each week!
Requests always welcome, ALL sends forwardable to your lists!
Everyone welcome but must be 18 to join.
There is a NO send Requirement on this list as ALL mail comes from me


EZ HO House of Pride

Forwad ANYTHING that is not marked by your list or ours as a no no.
Movies,Programs,Tubes,Jokes,Games You name we HAVE IT!
 Looking for Something different? Hate useless Rules? Tired of censorship?
Be a EZHO!! Bigots and Drama Queens need not apply.
Get everything you or your list wants or needs in one place!
Regular update mailed to list with just 1 mail Link and optional WEB update
with links that send according to members preferences!!
So get MORE of what you LOVE less of what you do not!
One Send Required. Password/User names issued for access to EZHO site and services.
We let YOU deicide what YOU want.
Everything your looking for is already on our site waiting for you!
Set up of a personal web page you can link to or post else where! Check out our Web site

Must be 21 and FemaSign Me Up!!

or  Fill out enlarge Disclaimer


Fearless Leaders Unite

We are a list leaders list
One send a month required, an ad can go
in every send you make, we also have a website where
your ad will be as long as you are with us. All sends of
course are forwardable. We are G thru R, NO lower nudity,
no porn or sex acts...
You will help make the list what YOU want it to be, want headers?
Want tag offers? Want music? You request it, you offer it, we all
work together here.
Soo, lets get some goodies and even some new members!
Sry, but we are only accepting AOL, AIM, CS & WMconnect
Click the link, quit waiting!

Click Me Right Here!


Golden Gates Ads

If you are looking for more ways to advertise, then we may be right for you!!
We only advertise for Christian groups, Family G-PG only groups.We will also advertise for other Ad and Editor groups as well.
There will be a ad send every 2 weeks with no BCC.
You must be able to forward mail and keep our disclaimer as well as adding your own to your sends. If you would like to join our new ad group please use the link below.

Want To Advertise


List Leader Resources

This is a list for List owners and leaders

We are compiling names of Drama Kings and Queens.

And also offering a place for leaders and owners to

brain storm on fresh, new and exciting Ideas

But primarily looking to keep troublesome members out of our circles :)

I want to Brainstorm with you


Looking for a lot of goodies for your list? Don't have the time?
Here's the list for U!...We will offer just about everything.
Tubes, PSP, tags, programs, recipes,games, FULL CD's, Mp3's!
And a REQUEST LIST...your members need something? Request it HERE!
ALL mail is forwardable to your list/lists. This list is for ONLY list leaders/owners

 I Want TUDES For LL