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The C & L Spot
Are you looking for a list that has a little of everything?
Tired of don't do this. Don't do that? Want to make some new friends and have some fun? Then you found it.
We share Art, Fonts, Graphics, Games, Music,Recipes,Full CD, Daily Newspapers,& Nascar & Auto Racing Info.
We also share some laughs.
There are few DNDs & and NO required sends.The Spot has it all.So come and give The Spot a try You wont be disappointed,
click link below for a disclaimer. 
You must be 21 years old to join. EZADS Sent Me.I Want To Join The Spot


EZ HO House of Pride
Forward ANYTHING that is not marked by your list or ours as a no no.
Movies,Programs,Tubes,Jokes,Games You name we HAVE IT!
 Looking for Something different? Hate useless Rules? Tired of censorship? Be a EZHO!!
Bigots and Drama Queens need not apply.
Get everything you or your list wants or needs in one place!
You chose How to send too use the Email update OR we have a optional WEB update.
With links that send according to members preferences!!
So get MORE of what you LOVE less of what you do not!
One Send Required. BUT we let you decide how to make that too!
Send 4 at once for the month or send one a week!
Password/User names issued for access to EZHO site and services.
We let YOU deicide what YOU want.
Everything your looking for is already on our site waiting for you!
Set up of a personal web page you can link to or post else where!
Check out our Web site:
Must be 21 and Female
To get a application in the mail click here: Sign Me Up!!   OR
Click here to Fill out  & enlarge Application For membersip


Give us a try!
The Goodie Gallery is looking for new friends, so why wait?

The Goodie Gallery
We are a new variety list looking for friends like you!
Do you want to expand your music collection? Give us a try!
Do you need additional PSP graphics? Give us a try!
Need a recipe? Give us a try!
Inspirational? Tips? Programs? Games? Yep, give us a try!
Is your hard drive overloaded with nifty things that you'd like to share? Then, just give us a try!
The Goodie Gallery is looking for new friends, so why wait?
I'd like to be a part of The Goodie Gallery!


Little Things

(Proud part of DK Lists)
Ever notice it isn't the big things that make life terrific,

 but the wonderful 'little things'. A sunset, sunrise, dew on a perfect rose,

a baby's giggle, a lovers smile across a room.....or the perfect temp,

font, word art or tube for a tag. Little Things is all about the extras that make

PSP fun, sharing, collecting, teaching and learning.

Fonts, temps, accents, word art, scrap sets, tubes, if you can use it

to make your beautiful creations we have it!

Come on over and have some fun with the Little Things of psp life!



PSP Galore N More
Wanna Join a group that offers everything in one?
Then PSP Galore N More is the place for you!
We have so much to offer such as programz, tutorials,
PSP goodies, plugins/filters, games, contests, graphics.
This is a G-AC rated list. You must at least 18 years
of age or older to join wanna have fun with us click
on the link below to request a disclaimer form.:)
There is a two send a week mandatory send here.
Only non~lurking members need only apply.
absolutely no porn, kiddie, or hate mail allowed.

Click Here To Join The Family


☆*~~PSP <3 Muskateers~~*☆

Looking for a new group to join, where the owners care about their members

wants and needs?  Then look no further.  We have Games, Challenges, Tag Offers and more.
We offer G-AC rated Tubes & Tags.  A whole variety of goodies including all the normal stuff and fonts, Scrapping, Games,
Programmes, Tutorials, Animations, Celebrities etc, Along with Tag offers.

Beginners are welcome we have experienced Psper's that are only too willing to help.

No Required sends, nice to share stuff. No Lurkers

Open to anyone over the age of 18

Sound like your kind of group, drop us a line.


Please Send Me A Disclaimer for SIWP


Serenity Gardens










Friendship is one of the finer things in life

and this list blends friendship and motherhood~

We offer more than friendship including

advice from some moms who have seen and heard it all

You will also find the following here:

variety of shares and you never know what goodies you will find.

There will be games that will change constantly to keep your interest

as well as challenges

Moms need spoiling too so

every week there will be a Mom of the Week

and themes that will be as diverse as the list.

Moms have enough drama offline with their kids

so we offer you the opportunity to take a break from the drama

A/C sends need to be marked accordingly

and a mandatory two send per week requirement

 Send me a disclaimer

Tagy's Delitez
Wanna be a part of a variety list that
has a little of everything?
Then Tagy's Delitez is the place to be!
Come join in the fun & create & share
with us. We're just a little list with no send
requirements but want ALL to SEND.
We have tube, shape, & graphic challenges, plus
share tubes, tags, graphics, jokes, most anything
you want to share ; ).
Our mail is forward friendly.

DND Please Send A Disclaimer For Tagy's Delitez


TeddyBears N friends PSP
Are you Looking for a Group where there is
family and friends then look no more pull up A Chair
and relax with A cup of coffee or a Glass of Tea or Soda Pop
we are a new group just out to have
fun where we will share Tags Graphics tubes Music
games and downloads as well as we will have
tag offers and class if you are wanting to join
as well as need members we need some Staffers
group is g to sac rated Mail gets heavy at
times click on the link below
if you want to be a staffer let me know
open since 9-25-06 owned & operated by angelbearlady32



The Realm
We have everything from tags,tubes,fonts,and psp,recipes,
ads with every send if you want,and a variety of other things..you name it..
if we dont..then request it and we will get it for ya..
sometimes we have programs and wallpapers..music and contests..
we are an everybody group ..rated everything so please be adult and mature when you join.
3 send minimum. but we assure you it is worth it...
. Apply