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Assistance From Heaven

Feeling Hopeless, Depressed, Suicidal, Marriage in trouble?Let us help you. We'll Pray with and for you, share scripture, talk with you, etc. We'll have games, AOTW, tags, etc. Whatever is needed we will do.We are a yahoo group. This is a G-Rated sister Group to Hope From Above AOL list.  To Join please use the link below.

I would like some Assistance From Heaven~EZADS_Sent_Me


Circle Of Amazing Mommies

Are you looking for a group for mommies where you can get to know other mommies and ask for their advices on children and families situation? Are you also looking for PSP tags to share in mommies group ? We do have games, psp challenges, themes, QOTD, MOTW (mommy of the week). Each member will get to participate inTheme of the day (like the owner or co-owner will send a schedule daily for members to do things like a member will need to do Theme of the day, Color of the Day, etc on Monday, then on Tues, it will be different members turn to do it). We also will share pictures, a member does not have to be required to share pictures they can share at their comfort. We have a HELP WANTED Positions.   I need some people to help out with these positions, Parent tips and cleaning tip position, Thought of the day and  Tag offers positions, Taggers positions, Mail forwarders and more help wanted will be announced after the group opens on Nov 6th 2006. If this is the place for you, please come and join in our Circle of Amazing Mommies Group! If you are interested in any of positions above to join, please state it in the email link below.

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Mommie Friends

*Established November 2004*
We are a group for mommies seeking friendship, advice, and ALOT of fun.
Whether you are a mommie-to-be or an experienced mother to teenagers you are welcome here.
We have numerous daily activities, qotd, games, motw, and the BEST support group you'll find on the internet!

I Want To Join


Parental Insanity

Proudly Celebrating Our 3rd Year!!
"Mama This & Mama That" Got You Down?
Then come over to our little insane corner of the world!!
An Insane but friendly group of parent's.
Drama Free, Games, Daily Activities, Dear Abby, MOTW
And So Much More!
Come on in and join us.
Your Calgon Awaits!!!!
Must be 18 to join.
This is an active group and mail is sometimes heavy.

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Supporting Our Soldiers

A friendly group that supports our TROOPS.
A Variety of PSP stuff is thrown in there as well.
Drama Free, Games, Daily Activities, Dear Abby, MOTW
And So Much More!
Come on in and join us.
Operation Support Awaits!!!!
Must be 18 to join.

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